Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spanish, Espanol, Castellano

hola readers!

So everyday I get casting calls. Some in Dallas, some in Austin, some in Houston and some in surrounding cities/states. But lately I've been getting a lot of good paying casting calls for actors who are FLUENT IN SPANISH. I am not. Yes I am from Spanish heritage and yes all of my family speaks Spanish, but I do not. Apparently when I was younger my mom spoke Spanish to me and I would reply to her, "mom...I'm not going to speak to you unless you speak English." And being a good mother she didn't force it on me and she stopped. Boy was I a stupid kid!! My great uncle Alex, or Alejandro, always says to me, "Juanito, you speak Spanish yet?" and I say, regretfully, "No Alex." and he says, "Boy! You must be proud of where you come from!" He's right. Now I'm dying to learn Spanish. My friend, however, that I work with got Rosetta Stone - Spanish a couple months ago and he already has conversations with our employees who are Mexican. I'm shocked! I asked him if it really does work and he told me "YES!!" So he's gonna let me use it. My goal is within 2010 to become fluent or close to fluent in Spanish. Shit, if I have to I'll move to Barcelona so I learn proper Spanish and not Mexican. Yes, there is a difference or so I'm told. This will be good for me on a personal and professional level. Than I won't have to by pass, "PAID ROLE: CASTING JAVIER: 17-26. $2000 + % OF SALES. MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH" ever again.

Jonathan Baca


  1. Cuando vas a empezar a estudiar espanol?

  2. I have posted twice and it still doesn't show up what gives?