Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your Body is a Work of Art

Hello Readers...(all 2 of you).

Hope you've had a wonderful week. Today is the first day of rehearsals for the feature length film. I, however, was not a part of today's rehearsals. I actually have about 6 weeks before I start rehearsing for my scenes, but I've already started working on the role. Not only the lines and the script but transforming my body to fit this character. When my character is introduced the first line from my co-star is, " use to be..." and I finish her sentence, "Scrawny." and she says, "Yea." So I need to bulk myself up for this role and get as ripped as possible for the role. Something I've been needing and wanting to do anyway because I use to be in really good shape before my move to LA. Then in the land of LA LA I lost all my money and didn't really workout anymore because I couldn't afford the same amount of food I was eating before. Long story short, I lost it all and became tiny, scrawny Jon. Well, since I've been living in Texas I've been working out on a pretty consistent basis but haven't really gone all out/hardcore on my workout routine. I've been wanting to because I remember how I felt and what I looked like. Now, with this role, I have to and I'm going to be in the best shape of my life.

Your body is like art because you can sculpt it however you like. It can be round and like a balloon. It can be rock hard and solid. It can be stick thin. It can be in between or it can be normal. I contacted a personal trainer and started a whole new diet and workout routine. First off, Diet doesn't mean "Lose weight." It just means a controlled eating pattern; mine is to gain muscle mass. Whenever I tell people I started a new diet they're like, "Why? You're thin." I just laugh and say, " gain muscle mass." I can say that even after a week and a few days I'm already feeling better and healthier. This is why I love what I do.

Jonathan Baca

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  1. Hey Jon, I'm your third reader now. So excited for you with this feature film opportunity. Can't wait to read more about it! :) - Christina