Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Popping my Kissing on Film Cherry

As you all know I was back in Austin this past weekend working with my future crew for the upcoming film "Snatch N Grab." Well, the film we worked on this weekend was a short entitled, "Freaky Friday the 13th." It's a funny, horror film. I was only needed on set for Sunday so I had the whole weekend to get down and party with one of my best friends from Chicago, another great friend of mine from San Diego and all my peeps in Austin. By the time Sunday rolled around I was well rested (since I didn't go out Saturday...I was responsible). I showed up on set at the scheduled time, 10am. I get there and notice the minutes ticking away but no other actors were showing up. I was thinking to myself, "shit." The the director for Snatch N Grab was like, "Oh Jon...next time check your email before you roll into set. We pushed the call time back." Again I was like, "shit." But hey, first impression is a good one, I showed up early! Anyway, the other actors started piling in and then, there she was. The actress that would be popping my "on film cherry." She was really nice and cool. They decided to shoot other scenes before they got to our makeout scene, so we got to chill, watch TV and talk. Normally I would want to rehearse but I thought it wasn't a good idea to say, "So...you wanna practice making out?" And we only had 2 lines each, so it's not like I would forget my lines.

It was finally our time to shine, but they called lunch before hand. "Oh shit." I thought, "Did I bring gum?!" I checked my pockets...no gum. But the leading lady had covered me and handed me some altoids for after lunch. We were eating spaghetti and it was tasty! I was starving too! I had only had one small breakfast. As I was getting my plate the director, jokingly, said, "For someone that hasn't acted yet you sure do eat a lot." I was like, "OH CRAP." not knowing he was joking because we don't really know each other yet. I stopped grabbing food and he started laughing and said, "Don't worry. I was just kidding." So I finished eating quickly but was still hungry, so I got up and had a second plate.

After lunch I popped the altoids and was ready to go. We were in position, camera was set, lights were on. Director shouts, "ok...roll cameras" Cameras are rolling. "FF 13 scene 14A take 1" CLAP on the marker. "Action." and then next thing I know we're making out. Now mind you this isn't normal making out, or porno making out...It's movie making out. So 12 year old kissing style without much touching at all. When we watched the playback however...it looks like we're going at it! That's just good acting. ;) After the first couple takes she starts putting chap stick on. We're all talking and then the other girl in the scene, the killer, asks her a question. "So what are you doing after this?" "I'm going home and hanging with my husband." My mouth dropped open! "Your husband?!" I said. She looked at me and shook her head. Jokingly I said, "That's fucking awesome!" Everyone on set just started cracking up. She looked really confused and then the director told her, "This is Jon's first make out scene on film. So a married woman just popped his cherry." She joined in on the laughter.

We finished the scene about 2 hours later getting all the different angles. I had such a great time with this crew and I'm definitely looking forward to working with them again and next time I see them...I will be ready for anything.

Jonathan Baca

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