Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Feature Length Film

I got the call on Monday while I was at work. Then I got off work and went home to my computer, checked my email and there was 1 new message. I opened the message and it was from the director from the audition I had a few weeks back. He offered a supporting role in the feature length film "Snatch n Grab." My mouth dropped! My first role in a feature length film! Couldn't be happier. Things have really been on the up since I started this whole blog thing. I honestly was ready to just talk about my past stories until anything came around that I could put up and write about. Past stories like my first day in acting class. My first audition (which I got the part). My first extra work (Spider-Man 3). The day I spent on the set of Star Trek. The conversation I had with director Frank Darabont. So many old stories I could write about, and I was ready to write about them all...still want to because they are very interesting. But I've just been getting auditions, gigs and great stories to write about. I'm very happy and can't wait to see what happens with the film. I'm shooting a short film with the same production company this weekend. A last minute offer for a smaller role but it's my first kiss on screen...well make out session on screen. Have NO IDEA what to expect, but I bet it will make for a great story.

Jonathan Baca

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