Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All I Need is That One Chance

I have some great friends. Some of my friends, like myself, are struggling young artist. Whether it be actor, musician, photographer, etc. Some of my acting buddies have been given great opportunities. Some of them have been working at this for years and years and decades and you know what...for some of them it finally happened. They were given their chance. I also see some other struggling actors get opportunities and never do anything with it. It frustrates me to see that happen because I know if i was given an opportunity like that nothing would stop me. I would be banging on doors left and right doing anything I can to sky rocket to the top. Most of my acting friends have agents and I hope they know how blessed they are to have representation. It's one of those chances. I've been offered representation, but it wasn't the right agency or the right move for my career so I turned them down. Most of my friends thought I was nuts but you know what, it would've hurt my career instead of helped it. When I do get representation I want it to be with an agent that believes in me and he fights for me because he knows that if I'm given the opportunity he and I both will benefit. This life is a never ending struggle, even for the A listers. Because their are some great scripts out there that A-listers have to fight over, or even audition for. It's either Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp...Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep. The struggle and the work is what drives all of us. From the Z-listers to the A-list, you struggle for everything you get. I think that's why so many actors/musicians/artist in general are so humble with their earnings and success. (most at least) because they don't forget the struggle they went through to make it and know that at any second it can be snatched away.

All I'm saying is give me the opportunity and I will make everyone proud. I know what I am capable of and know what I can do. I'm just going to continue fighting till I'm given that opportunity.

It's been a pretty quiet week & 1/2 with casting calls but that might be a blessing in disguise. I'm starting to prepare for my role in "Snatch n Grab." This could be my opportunity depending on the exposure of the film, but I'm going to treat it as my chance because, in this business, you never know.

Jonathan Baca

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  1. Hey J.

    just letting you know..
    I'm Fiona, I play Nina in SnG.
    give me a call sometime so we can meet.
    my number is on the contact sheet. or facebook me.