Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flip of a Coin

Today I had another audition. I auditioned for a short film that will be produced by my friends GuD Films. It was interesting to audition in front of my good friend who I've worked with many of times before, but I understood. I'm out learning more about the business, so he should be doing the same. In the end, however, I did end up getting the part. The shoot is this weekend.

After I got cast I was thinking about what if I didn't get the part. When you think about it, it's really a 50/50 chance. They either say yes or no. It's like flipping a coin. Heads or tails. Either you get the part, or you don't. And I started thinking about life as well and how most decisions are a flip of a coin. Either you run the red light, or you don't. Every decision throughout life comes with the after effects. For instance the red light situation. If you run the red light you could get a ticket or end up hitting someone crossing the street, killing them and spending the rest of your life behind bars. OR If you don't run the red light it could cause a chain of red lights to follow making you late to work and in turn getting you fired because your boss is in a bad mood that day and you walking in 4 minutes late was the icing on the cake. For me, however, all auditions are a coin flip. Either I get the part and better my acting experience; which could lead to a phenomenal film; which could lead to exposure; which could lead to my ultimate goal in live my dream and support myself doing so. OR I could not get the part; which makes me work this weekend; which gives me money that I really need; which gets me caught up on bills and debts. So here it was a win, win. Or maybe I'm just a positive person.

And also if you get called in for an audition always remember the casting director is ready to give you the part. He starts in his head with "Yes, you have the part" and then whatever you do in the actual audition either keeps his mind that way, or changes it. They want to say Yes. They want to see you succeed.

Either way with all these auditions it comes down to a flip of a coin. You either get the part, or you don't.

Jonathan Baca

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