Monday, November 23, 2009

What is a Normal Job?

Hello Readers!

So today I was needing to get a hold of a friend but I didn't have his number. So I asked another friend of mine for it and if I could get in touch with him tomorrow and was told, "Yea but early evening, he has a normal job." That struck me and it brings up the question...What is a normal job?

90% of the population would tell you a normal job is one you get up for everyday Monday-Friday. 9-5 type of thing. But to that 10% that is considered, "Not normal" or "High risk" it's doing what you love to do. Your passion in life. Mainly that consist of the arts or sports. Any job that deals with that. But there's also career waiters/bar tenders or Pilots who aren't in the "norm." They don't have 9-5 schedules and their times are all out of whack.

I understand what the majority would say a normal job is but to me it's not normal to do something you aren't passionate about. Settling is not normal; or at least not in my heart. High Risk. High Reward. That's what I say.

So I ask you...

What is a Normal Job to You?

Jonathan Baca

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