Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello Readers!

The countdown continues to the start of rehearsals for me. Less than a week away and I can't be more thrilled! It's been a long time since I worked in front of a camera. I miss it.

Yesterday I did something I haven't done a long long time. I watched a few episodes of "Friends." I use to watch the show as a kid and a teen and I liked it. It was an enjoyable show, but I never had a connection with any of the characters. People would tell me I reminded them of Joey because I'm a self proclaimed ladies man (ha j/k) and am the "stupid humor" guy. But after watching the episodes last night I realized, I am like Joey now more than ever. I really started connecting with certain scenes he was in when it came to his acting and being a struggling actor in New York. Granted I'm not in New York but I understand. I was laughing so hard. He was having an audition where the character was really tense but Joey needed to go to the bathroom. So he's rocking back and forth and back and forth and the director, played by the great and extremely nice Jeff Goldblum, loves what he's doing. He gives Joey an automatic call back and tells him to come back tomorrow. So Joey goes home and drinks all the liquid he can and comes back in for the audition. He ends up getting the part but still really needs to pee. He ends up peeing all over Jeff Goldblum's character. It was hilarious! Then the next episode he gets a call for an audition to do a one liner and he's so excited about it. I can connect with that now. It's the life of a struggling actor and that show provided the world with a glimpse into that life. How one minute you can be the lead on a soap opera and the next you're needing to wait tables again just to make rent.

I always had a great respect for that show but now I connect with it and one of it's characters.

Jonathan Baca

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  1. I remember that episode. It was hilarious. And as you mentioned, Jeff Goldblum made the scene even funnier. Another great episode is when Joey shoots this World War I feature with Gary Oldman. Oldman's character insists that real actors spit at each other when they enunciate. So they end up spitting at each other for the whole scene.