Monday, October 26, 2009

Fitting Recap & Halloween!

Hello Readers! (all 4 of you now)

So the fitting, or lack there of, went great. Very cool costume designer and I believe she is an actress in the film as well. Basically, as I already knew because of the script, she told me, "So basically your fitting is your body. You're naked in a lot of this movie." I nodded. They approved what I've been doing at the gym! woo hoo! But I'm personally not satisfied yet, so I'm gonna keep working out and get in as great of shape as possible for this film. I still feel I have a ways too go but she made a very good point..."Remember you're 18...most 18 y/o can't get big, so keep it lean." I can't get bulk even if I wanted to. Lean is who I am no matter what I try and do...but there's nothing wrong with getting more ripped and keeping the lean body.

As for the title to this blog...Halloween is coming up! I know a ton of people who love Halloween, and why is that? It's because for 1 day in the year you get to be something completely different than who you are. You can be a killer. A zombie. A vampire. A slut. Whatever you want. Girls can wear next to nothing and not get judged like any other day of the year, and the manliest men in the world can wear eye shadow and makeup and not have people think twice about their sexual orientation. As for me, this Halloween am going to be..........

........HA! Like I'm gonna tell you guys! It's a surprise, but I will definitely have pictures up after Halloween for you guys. Hope I can pull it off. We'll see.

But Halloween is my favorite day of the year because it is the one day you can go completely insane with your look. It's basically...acting. Everybody can act and on Halloween they don't feel silly about "playing dress up."

Best day of the year.

Jonathan Baca

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