Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally I Start Work

This week is finally upon us! My first meeting with the production team behind "Snatch N Grab." Really looking forward to it. It's a fitting for costumes for my character. I got the email and what the description was for my character's look shocked me.

"Travis (Jonathan): Travis is pretty much a sexual object, pure and simple."

I won't get into the details because I want you all to see the finished product, of course, but that's the first sentence about my characters look. Have I ever viewed "Jonathan" as "a sexual object" before? No. But Travis...Yes. This is going to be fun. The work I've put into this character is pretty intense. Travis is a very complex character with a lot of different emotions and changes going on with him. 1st step to getting "into the skin" of the character is the body. My workout has been going great until I got sick. It slowed me down a bit but as luck would have it I start shooting a month later than originally scheduled which gives me an extra month of working out. It's great.

I love acting. I love everything about it. From the minute I'm cast to the minute I wrap there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing.

Jonathan Baca

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