Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Opening Up

For the first time on this blog I felt like writing about life instead of my acting career. I've seen and noticed for the past few years how a lot of people my age are getting married and getting jobs they aren't passionate about or love and "growing up." Sometimes I just don't understand. I've had this talk with a good friend of mine because he's the one person that sees it the same way I do. We don't get it. I don't understand the need to rush life. I don't know about all of them, but I plan to live for a very long time and the last thing I want is to be married in my 20s. I want to see the world. I want to live my life like a bird. Free to do as I please. Maybe that's why I love my choice in career. Marlon Brando once said, "Pursuing acting is generally a childish thing to do, to quit that is the mark of maturity." and I get it. I see all these people in there early 20s getting married and having kids and I understand that some people want that but I don't understand why. In this day in age most of the married couples end in divorce and if you look at the divorces most of them end that way because they got married young. 20s time frame. It's also the area I live and grew up in...the south. It's southern living. Country living. They get married young, and some of them end up bored. I've already started to see it happen to some. I've even seen some divorce already or break ups. I've seen people that aren't right for each other be together. Of course I'm not in there heads and hearts but it seems because they fear being alone and it's a situation of..."Why not. We're getting older and I wanted to be married at (insert age)." Life isn't like that. You all have seen those couples too. Where you just know they aren't right for each other and of course you can't say anything but you just sit there watching them and think, "They have no chemistry." "They have nothing between each other." "It looks like a friendship." I agree that a great friendship is a great base for a relationship with a mate but you have to have romance and chemistry. Sparks have got to fly! You need to be able to see a picture and think, " guys have something." Maybe that's me and my romantic self talking but that's what I feel. Plus every friend of mine over the age of 30, including family members that went through getting married young, have told me, "Jon...please wait to get married! Don't do it young." I always tell them, "Me get married young?! Not a chance." They have all ended up divorced. Some are on there second marriage and are doing it right this time because they are older and wiser (that's what most have said to me too that are on there second marriage). It's not the 1950s anymore where getting married at 25 was considered "so old." Now if you get married at 45 that's considered "so old." 25 is very young in today's standards but still people do it. I've even lost a relationship based on this. She wanted to get married young and I...well you're reading what I think.

I will never understand that mind set and when the time comes for me to get married, if I ever do, I will be ready for it. It's funny too because when I talk about it to people they assume I'm not a romantic but I'm actually one of the biggest romantics you will ever meet (ask any girl I've gone out with). I always tell people to "follow there heart." That's how I was raised and that's what I do. The road you live when following your heart gets you into trouble, but it's always led me in the right direction whether it be my career or love life and it will lead you in the right direction too. I've seen it lead people in the right direction too. Some of my best friends didn't let certain situations stand in the way of a great love.

Jonathan Baca

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