Monday, October 12, 2009


For the better part of the last week I haven't all. And most insomniacs just sit in their bed with drool hanging out and flipping through the television. Not me. I've found it's been really helpful with finding the next step in my career. I've found agencies that are perfect for my unpredictable, get up and move from place to place mentality. I use to think you would have to wait to be in the big time agencies to be able to live wherever you want. Examples...Colin Farrell moving back to Dublin or Johnny Depp living in the South of France. They're with the big time agencies and are big time actors, so it doesn't really matter. I've found agencies that are smaller scale that have an east coast, west coast and Texas base offices. Very exciting stuff. If I can get representation with them I will have the freedom to say, "I'm moving back to LA." or "I'm ready to give NY a try." and I won't have to worry about losing my representation. It also means that if I become a favorite of the agency here in Texas they will send me to auditions in LA or in NY despite where I live. I go on trips to visit friends in LA and I could mention it to my agent and they could hook me up with auditions or work while I'm there. Same with New York. Insomnia, at least for me, isn't such a bad actually has been helping me plan...but I do miss sleep. If it happens tonight again...who knows what will happen.

Jonathan Baca

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