Sunday, August 30, 2009

Callback Audition - Before

Believe it or not this is my first callback audition. Every audition I've ever been on you either get the part or you don' need for a callback. Not really sure what to expect, but it sounds like it's gonna be just like any other audition. Memorizing full scenes instead of just one. Memorizing is kind of annoying I must say. I work so much better and can memorize so much easier with my scene partner, because once you're in the scene and the setting I can get the lines down quickly, but laying here in my room reading them over and over again doesn't do much for me. Yes it will get me familiar with the scene, but it doesn't truly help me memorize. I know I won't have them memorized until I get to the audition. Then my scene partner and I will get to go over it a few times and within those few times I'll be off book ready to go. I'm excited! This is from my audition a few weeks ago for the web series. Still not doing scenes from the script. Does he have a script written yet? I figured we would be working from the script by now since it's a callback audition. We'll see. Maybe he'll give us a scene when we get there. Either way should be fun. I still get a little nervous before every audition. I think that's a good thing. Johnny Depp said in an interview that the day you don't get nervous or excited or you feel you have tapped out/reached your peak/are satisfied...quit whatever it is you are doing. I feel I will never reach that point which is a good thing. I will always be striving to do better, and challenge myself.

Jonathan Baca

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