Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Cast

Sometimes the moon and stars align and you for some reason are blessed enough to have a great audition (the moon) and the casting director likes you (the stars). That has happened to me, but not for anything I auditioned for. Let me explain...

My audition this past weekend in Austin went apparently great! I got a call from the casting director and I was told that the director loved me and thought I did a great job. GREAT! Is what I was thinking. She continues... "The director was wondering if you would be interested in being in a horror film he's filming here in the next few weeks." I was thinking, 'WHAT?! That's great! NICE!' then I thought, 'will this help me get into the film I auditioned for as well.' I hope so.

So anyway, I'll be filming a new film here in the next few weeks! So happy things are picking up for me. I started wondering if the move home to get back on track was the right decision but now I know...it was.

I'm still working on the script for my callback audition for the web series as well. Hopefully I'll be busy busy busy to finish up 2009.

Jonathan Baca

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  1. That's great news! You're gonna be in a scary movie! It's sad that I'll never be able to see it because scary movies make me fall down but nevermind that... go work on your scream! Don't fall down... that's me, not you.